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a 4-week class on curating content for instagram to attract the right customers + make more money!

Every week, I get questions on how I make my grid look so “pretty” or how do you decided what kind of content to post and when. now I’m opening enrollment for my new class, Curate Culture. Why the name? Because I want to create a culture that’s intentional with their instagram content. it’s all about intentionality and if we can get that, curating will be a no brainer!

during this class i’ll be showing you…

  • how i pick and choose what content to post when

  • how to determine what your grid’s theme should be + how to achieve that

  • how to use instagram insights to know what kind of content to create

  • what you should be looking for when it comes to designing or having someone else design your graphics

who is this class for?

  • those who feel stuck when it comes to creating content for your grid

  • you’re not a designer and hiring one just isn’t in the budget right now

  • you’re posting content but it isn’t resonating with your audience

  • you have good content but don’t know how to make it work for your grid

  • you want to get more organized when it comes to planning your content in


sooooooo…is this another e-course?


it’s not an e-course at all! when you think back to your college days, did your professor have a slide presentation for everything (ok well maybe some did) but I know mine didn’t. there may have been notes on the board or a projector but most of it was listening and taking notes, right? if you have a question, you simply raise your hand. well, that’s exactly what this experience is going to be like — just me, you and information and if you have a question, simply ask it!


see what each week will look like:


yup the week before class starts, we’ll meet and I’ll give you all the deets for the upcoming four weeks!


this week we’ll dive into Pinterest and how to use it to collect inspiration for your grid and content. I’ll also cover the difference between some of the most popular themes and how to create that for yourself.


from experience, I’ve learned that honestly…it’s just hard to teach design. a big part of it is having an eye and know what to place where so me teaching you how I design graphics isn’t going to help you after you leave my class, so I’m going to put my creative director hat on and instead show you what to aim for when designing based on current trends in this space or what you should be looking for from your designer.


wooo, this week is big! over the years, I’ve developed my own little formula for curating content for my grid and I’m going to share it with you this week. I’ll also be helping you figure out what kind of content you need to post to grab your audience’s attention


this is very important when it comes to posting consistently to your feed and honestly, it eliminates a lot of headaches down the road. if you can master this, you’ll be ahead of the game!

…so there’s the gist of it and I’m sure you noticed that EVERY WEEK there will be a love Q+A where I’ll answer any and every question you may have along the way!

wait, there’s more!

  • access to a private facebook group where you’ll be able to communicate with your other classmates

  • weekly live Q+A’s

  • one-one-one session with yours truly





or two payments of $98.50