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crafting clever concepts for female-focused brands

expose your brand to the right people through in-person experiences + strategic brand partnerships



did you know that according to Merkle and Levo, 54% of millennial women say experiences will drive their biggest purchases in the next year? they represent $170 billion of the market!

that’s HUGE! with millennial women having such an impact on today’s spending power, it’s important to implement tactics that attract them and in-person experiences are one of them you should invest in! add on a bangin’ brand partnership and that’s major exposure for your brand and an even better experience for your customers.

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let me help you tell your brand’s story by crafting concepts for curated brand experiences + strategic partnerships specifically for your brand that speak to the right target market!


brand partnerships + collaborations 

when trying to reach a particular market, the key is to partner with brands that are already speaking to them. my concepts incorporate strategic partnerships with brands that already attract the target market you’re looking to reach — women of color. 


experience ideation

Whether it’s a panel, conference, pop-up shop, etc, millennial women of color love attending and being apart…when they feel included and represented just as much as any other demographic. Curated experiences are a big part of how millennial women, in general like to shop. Let me brainstorm concepts for an in-person experience that will foster the exposure you need to the right people.


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