office hours

Partnership: Cookayespaces x HERMARKET


a platform for a platform created for female-owned indie brands to connect with their shoppers, influencers, buyers + local retail shop owners through market-style pop-ups, retail experiences + collaborations


an account on Instagram that serves as a guide to all the cutest and coolest spaces

Both brands were looking to establish a sense of community amongst their followers. Because Cookayespaces features spaces that are mostly indie brands and HERMARKET is built around supporting women-owned indie brands, the partnership made sense. In addition to that their audiences are very similar, made up of majority African American women between the ages of 25-34 who own businesses.

To bring their audiences together, we came up with a coworking and networking experience series with the first installment hosted by Monday & Co, a coworking space geared toward African American women. Each brand gained exposure to each other’s audiences and guests were able to enjoy a space and environment where they felt like they belonged and were included. This was a sold out event.

Guest Responses:

“Yesterday was truly a blessing! So glad y’all came together and created this amazing environment. And to think, I almost didn’t register Bc I didn’t I belonged in the room ❤️”

“Grateful for women like @cookayemonster @sheiskia @jazlinnp who create spaces and experiences through their brands @thisishermarket and @cookayespaces for like minded women to connect and build together. ❤️🙏🏽 Office Hours yesterday was beautiful and productive. I can’t wait to keep building and connecting in ATL with dope women and business owners.”

“When @cookayemonster x @thisishermarket initially announced #officehours I was stoked. I purchased my ticket and synced the event to my calendar. Today came and I tried to talk myself out of attending 11 different times on the 12th round I said you know what... this ain’t all about you , get up and go. So I went. In this photo I was being used to deliver a message to @dawnavette. I can’t recall what was said exactly but I knew it had to be said. It was then I realized that by holding back I could very well be holding someone else back. Just do it. Scared. Incomplete. Shy. Do it. Show up. Someone needs to hear you, someone needs to see you. Thank you @cookayemonster, @thisishermarket @mondaycodigitalfor this safe space to operate in purpose✨✨”