office hours



a platform for a platform created for female-owned indie brands to connect with their shoppers, influencers, buyers + local retail shop owners through market-style pop-ups, retail experiences + collaborations


an account on Instagram that serves as a guide to all the cutest and coolest spaces

Both brands were looking to establish a sense of community amongst their followers. Because Cookayespaces features spaces that are mostly indie brands and HERMARKET is built around supporting women-owned indie brands, the partnership made sense. In addition to that their audiences are very similar, made up of majority African American women between the ages of 25-34 who own businesses.

To bring their audiences together, we came up with a coworking and networking experience series with the first installment hosted by Monday & Co, a coworking space geared toward African American women. Each brand gained exposure to each other’s audiences and guests were able to enjoy a space and environment where they felt like they belonged and were included. This was a sold out event.

Guest Responses:

“Yesterday was truly a blessing! So glad y’all came together and created this amazing environment. And to think, I almost didn’t register Bc I didn’t I belonged in the room ❤️”

“Grateful for women like @cookayemonster @sheiskia @jazlinnp who create spaces and experiences through their brands @thisishermarket and @cookayespaces for like minded women to connect and build together. ❤️🙏🏽 Office Hours yesterday was beautiful and productive. I can’t wait to keep building and connecting in ATL with dope women and business owners.”

“When @cookayemonster x @thisishermarket initially announced #officehours I was stoked. I purchased my ticket and synced the event to my calendar. Today came and I tried to talk myself out of attending 11 different times on the 12th round I said you know what... this ain’t all about you , get up and go. So I went. In this photo I was being used to deliver a message to @dawnavette. I can’t recall what was said exactly but I knew it had to be said. It was then I realized that by holding back I could very well be holding someone else back. Just do it. Scared. Incomplete. Shy. Do it. Show up. Someone needs to hear you, someone needs to see you. Thank you @cookayemonster, @thisishermarket @mondaycodigitalfor this safe space to operate in purpose✨✨”


hermarket x cookayspace wanted to create a safe space for women of color entrepreneurs for them to network and make connections.

after several afternoons of meeting up to work at different coffee shops around atlanta, Kaye, Kia and Jazlin, decided to host a co-working day for other women who want to get some work done and connect with other female founders. 30+ women came out on a Sunday afternoon to Monday & Co, a co-working space for women of color. vip ticket holders also received a mug reading “you can sit with us”!