a platform for a platform created for female-owned indie brands to connect with their shoppers, influencers, buyers + local retail shop owners through market-style pop-ups, retail experiences + collaborations

The Honey Pot Company

The first complete feminine care system that cleanses, protects, and balances your vagina and is made by humans with vaginas, for humans with vaginas

iwi fresh

a professional-grade line of gourmet skincare recipes and a full-service day spa, complete with the NEW Fresh Market featuring an assortment of quality, hand-crafted body recipes

HERMARKET saw the need to have an open forum about feminine wellness, a not commonly talked about subject amongst women especially women of color.

With them being a newer brand at the time, I knew they needed to be partnered with a brand or brands that not only made sense for this kind of experience but also had a larger, similar audience and would benefit from the partnership as well.

I decided to reach out to The Honey Pot Company, a feminine wellness brand currently sold in Target and on Amazon to invite their founder to be a speaker on the panel discussing feminine care and wellness. I then reached out to iwi fresh, a garden day spa who's founder would also be on the panel but would also host the event in their space. They also had a large audience that was similar to both HERMARKET + The Honey Pot Company so it was a perfect fit.

With this three-way partnership each brand benefited and gained exposure to the other brands audiences. This ended up being a sold out event.

In addition, I also invited a small brand, Honeybee Card Shop to have her handmade cards on display. This then lead to her cards being sold out of iwi fresh later down the line.